Churchman Thornhill Finch believe in landscapes and making places that engage and understand the life within.

Thoughtful landscape architecture is human-centric and multi-dimensional. It’s a balance of beauty and intuition with technical understanding and delivery. A process that begins with the absorption of research and culminates in a carefully crafted environment that goes beyond aesthetics. One that allows for the maturation of a living place, while continually revealing the interconnected stories of its inhabitants and the structures of life that emerge.

A collective of landscape architects and horticulturalists, we bring a diverse range of influences and experiences to our work. Combining traditional skill with science and the latest technologies, we enjoy working with the finest consultants, crafts people and designers. Actively engaged from concept to delivery, we collaborate with clients, communities and the environment to improve people’s quality of life for the future.

Our approach is rooted in research, going to ever-greater lengths to test new ideas, asking if what we are doing is truly sustainable. An enquiring attitude and technical capacity underlies and informs our work, along with an ongoing desire to persistently raise the standard. We aim to deliver change for the greater good of the environment and all those who will live within it.